Training Packages for Boarders

Thank you for your interest in Jaid Stables!  

As a nationally recognized training academy, our clients at Jaid Stables get the correct building blocks for a proven lifetime of successful horse showing. 

  • Including AM & PM custom feeding and hay (up to 1 scoop, 10lbs of hay 2x/day)
  • Feeding of supplements
  • Turn out
  • Stall cleaning one time per day
  • Fresh water
  • Night check
  • Scheduling of vet and farrier
  • One training ride
  • All of package A
  • Extra Stall cleaning per day, as needed
  • Feeding and filling of supplements
  • Grooming after turnout to include picking feet as needed
  • Laundry of saddle pads and wraps
  • Two training rides per month


  • All of package B
  • Lunch feed
  • Tacking & untacking before & after riding
  • Tack cleaning after rides
  • Holding for vet and farrier
  • Hand walking or lunging during no
    turnout time
  • 4 training rides
  • Extra feed
  • Extra hay
  • Tack Cleaning – saddle & bridle
  • Show prep groom (clipping muzzle, ears, legs, mane pulled)
  • Body clipping
  • Bathing
  • Hand-walking/ lunging
  • Medical care
  • Holding for vet or farrie
  • Saddle pad laundry
  • Cleaning of Crosstie area
  • Deworming (every 8-12 weeks as needed)
  • Blanketing
  • Fan